What's New

BFG's Integrater product and supply chain management software upgraded to feature on-line diaries reducing the need for excessive email's and keeping all those who need to know informed with the latest real time information.

Results Orientated

Our Business Model

Menu-driven options allow clients to specify the package of services they need based on their requirements. BFG can provide tailored offerings ranging from straightforward quality assurance/control packages to a fully integrated product development through shipment solutions that offer full visibility to clients at all steps along the way. BFG is big enough to meet the complex challenges of a fast moving environment whilst small enough to offer each of our clients the flexibility they need to address their unique requirements.

The benefits of having your own office and dedicated specialists located in Asia without the costs of setting up and running your own office.

A transparent, cost efficient and value generating structure to manage your entire supply chain from design to delivery in Asia more effectively.

Real-time Product Lifecycle & Supply Chain Management visibility & efficiencies of INTEGRATERâ„¢.

A local partner with Western perspectives that ensures a cohesive link in all product lifecycle stages between the factory and your buying, design, development, QA, and logistics offices around

We can quote you based on a fixed cost for the package of solutions you require or a variable cost based on the volume of business you place through us. BFG may not be the cheapest cost provider in the market but we aim to be the best value.

Our clients have businesses to run and customers to manage. Asia development and logistics is a complex, time-consuming and specialist role that is ideally suited to outsourcing

BFG provides the solution to ensure your products are ready for market on-time, in full and to expectation.