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BFG's Integrater product and supply chain management software upgraded to feature on-line diaries reducing the need for excessive email's and keeping all those who need to know informed with the latest real time information.



8 Services Menu

From straightforward Supply Chain & Quality Assurance Management packages to fully integrated Product Development through to Shipment solution

Our 8 Services Menus allows our partners to customize the service solutions they need to both address their challenges and meet improve efficiency and expectations.


8 Services Menu
  • Product Design & Development Management

    From in house creative and design capability through to product engineering coordination with external partners and factories, we provide clients with the flexibility of services to take product ideas or fully prepared technical drawings from concept to reality. These are all administered in our Product Lifecycle Web Portal ‘Integrater’ so clients have real-time access to development tracking.
  • Sourcing

    With an extensive knowledge base of factories in the categories we service across all key Asian countries we have the geographic reach, contacts and expertise to source and locate the right manufacturing partner to service your requirements.

  • Vendor Accreditation

    All vendors have to pass BFG’s stringent accreditation criteria before their factories are selected to pitch for or manufacture our clients' products. The BFG accreditation criteria are designed to ensure best practice in codes ranging from Corporate and Social Responsibility to Manufacturing Standards.
  • Compliance

    As product compliance and adherence to International Standards are pre-requisites for an increasing number of retailers, we oversee, recommend, administer and manage International market product standards testing in conjunction with a strategic partnership with one of the world’s largest accredited standards testing facilitators. BFG has formed a structured partnership with the largest accredited testing services facilitator in Asia means we can provide efficient and cost effective means of ensuring products meet all required standards.

  • Vendor Management

    We aim to ensure that vendors who are entrusted with production of our clients’ products have scheduled production, sourced components and are dedicated to delivering their service level promise. We will do our utmost to ensure that quoted delivery times are met or exceeded on time, in full and at the right quality levels. We require factories to obtain a min 95% on time schedule adherence and pride ourselves on achieving c.96.5% on-time in full deliveries over the past 3yrs.
  • Supply Chain Management

    We provide a state of the art, web-based Purchase Order Management portal that allows easily upload of purchase orders that are then deployed to factories on your PO templates, production monitored and tracked to give visibility of orders from the time of acceptance by the factory to the scheduled date for pre-shipment QC inspections.
  • Quality Assurance

    Our fully owned subsidiary Asia Supply Chain Assurance Group China provides an ISO AQL standard inspection service for all outbound shipments performed by our in-house team of inspectors by way of in-line and/or pre-shipment inspections so clients can be sure that what they receive matches their approved samples. Full QC reports are available online as required.

  • Logistics & Shipping

    We have partnered with one of Asia’s largest Logistics and Freight companies to provide global logistics and shipping services which are supported by an online ‘Track and Trace’ facilitation through our Integrater SCM module giving clients full visibility of where shipments are, the expected arrival dates and all relevant shipping documentation.